About Bowls At Club Mudgee

The Club has two bowling greens which are used for play, the green-keeper puts a great deal of work into maintaining our greens so please play on them with care.

Social bowls are welcome, we will try and assist you the best we can with times and availability, green's are not always available due to competition and tournaments.

Availability depends on competition bowls, tournaments and regular bowls events. A $100 deposit is required which is refundable upon the inspection of the green. The cost is $5 per person to play which includes the use of bowls.

For enquiries please contact us for more information.

General Lawn Bowls Rules

  • Flat shoes or thongs to be worn on the green, NO heeled shoes allowed
  • No children allowed on the bowling green unsupervised
  • Bowls are to be delivered smoothly, Bowls are NOT to be thrown in the air, dropped or dumped into the green
  • No standing on the bowls or jack
  • Drinking and eating is NOT permitted on the greens
  • Numbers and rink markers around the greens are NOT to be moved
  • NO sitting on the edge of the green
  • Please do NOT walk, step or play in the sand around the edges of the greens
  • Our greens are expensive to maintain, please treat them with care


    Weekly Social Bowls Events

    To stay up to date with bowls, please follow the Mudgee Lawn Bowls page on Facebook.