Club Grants

Funding Grants Recipients:

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Funding Rounds:

Applications received will be considered within the following Funding Rounds:

  • Round 1 – applications received between the 1st July and 31st October;
    Applications are tabled for Board consideration at their monthly meeting in November;
  • Round 2 – applications received between the 1st November and 28th February;
    Applications are tabled for Board consideration at their monthly meeting in March;
  • Round 3 - applications received between the 1st March and 30th June;
    Applications are tabled for Board consideration at their monthly meeting in July;

  • Download Club Grants Application Guide (pdf)

    Community Groups in the Mudgee area have an opportunity to formally apply to our club for funding for various community-related projects. The funding is made available from profits generated by our club from gaming. The ClubGRANTS Scheme (formerly the CDSE Scheme) was established to formalise this funding process.

    The ClubGRANTS Scheme was designed to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs.

    There are two categories of ClubGRANTS available:

    Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people. These projects encompass Community Welfare & Social Services, Community Development, Community Health Services and Employment Assistance Activities.

    Category 1 Application
    Category 1 In Kind Application
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    Category 2 funding is generally for projects not listed or eligible for Category 1 funding such as Sport and Recreational Clubs, Cultural Activities – Visual/Performing Arts, Charity Fundraising, Medical Research and in-kind services such as Complimentary Room Hire, Fundraising Products and Prizes and Training Facilities for Elite Athletes.

    Category 2 funding

    Category 2 Application
    Category 2 In Kind Application
    Standard Funding Report Form
    Progress Report
    Standard Funding Report Form & Statutory Declaration

    Community groups are encouraged to apply for Category 1 or Category 2 funding by downloading and completing the relevant form and returning it to Club Mudgee, 99 Mortimer Street, Mudgee NSW 2850 or emailing directly to along with all supporting documentation.